Lost & Found First Memoirs: Unfunny Comics

In a surprising email exchange the other day with the Tin House Lost & Found editor, I pitched an essay about the the first memoir I ever read—an obscure little book…

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L’Engle on Uncertainty and Failure

This one goes out to all the writers who have ever experienced a sense of failure or uncertainty in their work. (To that one writer in particular—you know who you are—keep the…

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Poetry, Official Palace Language of Wow: Another Gem from Thanks Help Wow

On an ice-glazed morning, today’s reading thaws my cockles. Thanks again, Annie L:
When all is said and done, spring is the main reason for Wow. Spring is crazy, being all…

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Wrangling An Elusive Essay Form: Mosaic


Collage, fragmented, montage, segmented, lyric, sectioned: a mosaic by any other name was still a thorn in my flesh. The first mosaic I ever tried to write amounted to little…

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The Traditional Publishing Path: a Midwest Writer’s Workshop agented author shares her wisdom, from how to find a literary agent to what to expect while you’re out on submission

With NaNoWriMo coming to a close, you might be wondering what the next steps are. Here is a handy list you can use to figure out how to query literary agents…

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