Be a Good Twitter Citizen: Win a Free Website

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I used to detest Twitter. And I mean with a passion. I hated its guts but was required to figure it out and live in it for a marketing communications position about 7 years ago. A year later I found myself spearheading and managing the Twitter account for the the literary journal for which I was a reader, the only person who got Twitter. Ugh. Again with the necessary evils of the new social media era.

But when I started listening, really listening, and looking more to build relationships and promote others (in an authentic, natural way, when it made sense), Twitter grew on me. And in a roundabout way, this thawing toward the quirky little social media platform led to my gorgeous new website.

Here’s how it went down: Frustrated from the ME! ME! ME! nature of the Twittersphere, I started behaving the way I would at a party. At a party, I wouldn’t stand in the middle of the room and say, “Hey look at me! Look at my outfit! Watch me move like Jagger! Do the stanky leg! Do the stanky leg!” No I would not (though I am not above asking you to watch me whip, then watch me nae nae).

And so, I entered the Twitter ballroom and started mingling for the sake of mingling. I relaxed. I enjoyed myself. I tried to meet new people, get to know them a little, no agenda, without seeking my own interests, and made a bunch of actual real life friends.

Not that friendship is the point of Twitter. It’s not. [Or is it?]

At any rate, last May I was scrolling my feed one night and noticed a post by a guy looking to move back to his hometown (and find work in the marketing arena—which he did not announce outright). He was strategic (and nice). He put out feelers by creating an event at a local tap room, a casual affair to meet and talk marketing communications, and invited Indy-area Twitter partygoers.

I’m by no means the most connected person in Indianapolis, but you know how it is—you live and work in the same place a while, you collect a few dozen business cards. So I said, “Hey! Can’t make the event, but have you met @ThisGuy or @ThatWoman yet? You guys could totally hang.”

A few weeks later he was interviewing for a job with a business owner I knew, and his wife found a job through a former editor of mine. To express his gratitude, he offered to help me build my new website, generously sharing his talent and expertise just because of 140 easy-peasy characters. I keep offering to pay him, and he keeps declining. How nice is that? Pretty darn. And look what he produced! 

Thanks, @markthodges!