RIP Lou Reed, Poet

Lyrics aren’t all poetry, but these kill. Rest in peace, Lou Reed. “Romeo Had Juliette”Caught between the twisted stars The plotted lines the faulty map That brought Columbus to New YorkBetwixt…

Stretch, Run and Cheer the Murakami and Tudor Way: “If Only Virginia Woolf Had Done Yoga”

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Writers, as you know from the first four installments of the Eliza Tudor Survival Guide to Bridge the Worlds of MFA-Candidate and MFA-Wielding God/Goddess so graciously offered by Butler MFA-wielding…

Moments with Merwin: God Bless America!

The United States has a new Poet Laureate, and his name is W.S. Merwin.

I must admit, as a proser I was unfamiliar with this two-time Pulitzer Prize winner’s work. In…