Wintertime – Living is Easy

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Beth Bates:

In honor of National Heart Month, and drawing inspiration from my new buddy Tombee Taker who just re-blogged his BlogFestivus post (, I’m throwing this one back out there into the blogosphere.

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winter is easyApproaching the six year anniversary of the 95 percent blockage in my 38 year-old lower anterior descending artery, I’m still counting my blessings. Happy to be alive, that’s what I am. I snuggle longer, stress less, laugh more, eat dessert first, kiss my sleeping kids — all that jazz. But: I miss shoveling snow!

At the end of a week in the hospital recovering from my freak heart attack, the doctor sent me home with a list of activities and corresponding time frames when I would be allowed to return to them. “Walk a block – one week. Light house work – two weeks. Climb stairs – three weeks. Have sex – four weeks. Shovel snow – NEVER.”

Indiana was blessed with a lovely snow storm last night. Balm to my soul. Anyone who knows me knows I didn’t leave Colorado in my rearview mirror seven years ago. It hangs…

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2 thoughts on “Wintertime – Living is Easy

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I’ve blogged every single day since 2009. That’s turned into an insurmountable streak that hangs over my head like a sword. Good times!

    Along the way, to get a little heat off my back, I came up with the ideas of “Reblog Saturday” (where I find any worthy WordPress post from the preceding week) and “Regurgitation Sunday” where I reblog myself. These two steps cut my blog workload by two-sevenths. (I did the math.)

    That’s why I reblog myself once a week. It has nothing to do with thinking my stuff is any good. :)

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