Got My MFA. Now What?

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As you may have read in the first installment of the Eliza Tudor Survival Guide to bridge the worlds of MFA-candidate and MFA-wielding god/goddess, Lit Mags are the Wheaties that can power a writer. In Survival Guide 2, writers submit. Step 3…


I did my thesis reading and a few hours later I was on a flight with my family to move across the country.  No joke.  The next morning, I looked at all the boxes in this new house, in this new state, with no friends, no childcare, no stinking coffee and I knew only one thing: I had writing waiting for me.  I bought a new calendar and made some deadlines and I got back to work.  I didn’t do this because I loved it (exactly).  I did it because I didn’t just want to be someone with an MFA, I wanted to be someone with a shelf of books and short stories and screenplays with my name on them.

The fact is you will be much grumpier if you don’t write than if you do.  You’ll feel better after you’ve written.  We all do.  And writing begets writing.

Eliza Tudor is a writer in Silicon Valley. She received her MFA from Butler University. Her work has most recently been published in PANK and Hobart and is scheduled to appear in Annalemma Issue 8.

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